How it all Works

The Cryosauna uses Liquid Nitrogen to expose the body to extreme cold temperatures of up to minus 180°C in a more precise way than the traditional Ice Baths – see below.

The treatment causes increased blood flow creating favourable conditions for cell renewal, expelling toxins and internal organ regeneration ie body rejuvenation on the cellular level.

Modern ”Whole Body Cryo Therapy” (WCT), also referred to as ”Air Cryo Therapy” (ACT) and “Cryosauna,” is rooted in the practice of Dr Yamaguchi of Japan who, in 1978, started using freezing treatments of short duration on his rheumatoid arthritis patients’ skin surface for pain management purposes. With these cryo-procedures, Dr Yamaguchi found he could significantly reduce the soreness and pain his patients usually felt during manipulation of their joints, because the rapid decrease of temperature of the outer layer of skin led to the immediate release of endorphines and therefore less sensitivity to pain.

As a result of thorough and sustained research, Dr. Yamaguchi further formulated that Whole Body Cryotherapy (WCT) affects the body on three different levels:

• The Biochemical level – the circulatory system
• The Energy level – the energy meridians
• The Information level – the nervous system