ARCTICA classic plus


Cryochamber is a large, closed, stationary and computerized medical device, using liquid synthetic air.
It enables to stay a few patients at the same time in a chamber at temperature e below - 120C.

Arctica Classic Plus / Arctica Classic Plus II

It is the most popular our model for whole body cryotherapy, designed for clinics offering treatments for up to 50 patients per day.It consists of pre-chamber where the temperature ranges from -60°C to -70°C and appropriate main treatment chamber where the set temperature has therapeutic features (-120°C to -150°C).

In Arctica Classic Plus cryochamber the treatment is carried out or 2-4 patients simultaneously. In the second version of this cryochamber - Arctica Classic Plus II, the additional pre-chamber is used. In this version of the chamber treatments can be carried out for 4-6 patients simultaneously.
The ceiling for both versions is made of glass, and interior is illuminated with medical therapeutic light. Closing the chamber with ceiling ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution in its interior. Glass doors and large windows in the cryochamber walls provide a lot of comfort to patients as well as a sense of security.

This cryochamber type is meant for specialist hospitals, large health centers, rehabilitation centers and sports clubs.  

      ARCTICA classic mini   

ARCTICA classic mini

The smallest (2 persons) cryochamber powered by liquid air designed for whole body cryotherapy. This model of the chamber is most appropriate for centers that offer whole body cryotherapy treatments for about from 3 to 40 patients per day. Cryochamber Arctica Classic Mini is ideal for hotels, spas, rehabilitation centres, wellness centers, fitness clubs, and sanatoriums.

Small external dimensions of the chamber in a mini version as well as module-based construction allow to mount it in small premises without the need for major conversion works. Cryochamber Arctica Classic Mini is closed from the top with ceiling thanks to whicha homogeneous temperature distribution is obtained inside it. Cryochamber lighting system allows the patient to move easily while being inside it. Large panoramic glass and communication system ensures safe and comfortable treatment.