CRYO-T Portable

Cryo-T Portable is new type of device for local cryotherapy and  cryostimulation that works on liquid nitrogen (LN2). Innovative construction developed by our engineers gives possibilities of performing safer and more effective procedures. We have invented a new way of low temperature production. It is vaporisation heat of liquid nitrogen (without heater) that increases the efficience of our devices by 40% then our commpetitors.

Cryo-T Portable is first in the world nitrogen device with sensor placed inside the application nozzle for remote measurement of patientís skin temperature.Sensor informs person conducting the procedure if cryostimulated area have proper temperature, i.e. suitably low to perform effective treatment, but not too low to prevent local frostbites. Skin temperature is the only objective parameter of correctly performed treatment.











Device enables regulation of working temperature measured on the nozzle outlet. It allows to adjust precisely treatment intensity. Thanks to completely different low temperature obtaining technology economics of work has significantly improved. Device efficiency is about two times higher than in case of devices based on previously used technology.


Thanks to possibility of using Dewar vessel (special gas cylinder for liquid nitrogen storage) available in two capacities (35 or 60 liters) and electronic measurement of gas consumption user can precisely plan liquid nitrogen deliveries. It enables to minimize customary nitrogen losses resultingfrom gas evaporation during storage.
The cryogenic pipe is constructed to ensure full freedom of the nozzle movement.
It gives therapist unprecedented comfort of work. High-class insulation material used in cryogenic pipe prevents pipe from freezing and therefore stiffening during work.

Therapist hands are not getting tired during procedure. 



Local cryotherapy is used in:

  •     Rheumatology 
  •     Rehabilitation
  •     Neurology
  •     Orthopaedics
  •     Traumatology
  •     Sports medicine
  •     Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology
  •     Athletic recovery