SENSE Cryosauna


  • Model Dimensions: 1,73 x 0,95 x 2,3 m 1,82 x 0,95 x 2,3 m
  • Minimum Room Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 2,5 m 3 x 2 x 2,5 m
  • Client Maximum Weight: 150 kg - 200 kg
  • Client Height 1,5 - 2 m
  • It incorporates more technology. The SENSE Cryosauna TCT cabin has a Siemens S7-1200 PLC for the management and control of the machine at all times.
  • It has studies and the CB certification for electromagnetic compatibility and safety.
  • Itís one of the safest Cryosaunas on the market, with several security systems: oxygen sensor, safety collar and height adjustment, security door, as well as various devices developed in the installation itself.
  • It incorporates a safety collar that can be adjusted to the clientís neck to prevent the nitrogen vapour to access the airways of the user.
  • It has an Oxygen Sensor to control the level of oxygen in the room at all times and act on the machine if necessary.
  • It incorporates an internal extraction column that allows collecting and expelling any excess of nitrogen outside the room where the equipment is placed, to ensure optimal environmental conditions at all times.
  • It has a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, which allows to instantly receive and send information from the cabin to our manufactureís facility. It also allows to update the software and have information from the machine at any given time, monitor the sessions and ensure maximum security receiving notices from the cabin.
  • It has an iPad that allows you to adjust the height of the user, select the application and desired program, cancel the session at any given time, in addition to receiving the session information (times, temperatures, nitrogen consumption, oxygen warnings, anti-panic...) by a simple and intuitive App.
  • Displays information on a 16-inch screen at all time.
  • Itís able to combine cold and heat (thermal-contrast).
  • Itís focused the cold at different levels (shoulders, waist and legs) according to customer needs.
  • You can adjust the intensity at any time during the session, increasing or decreasing according to the customerís needs.